Social events
The following social events will be held during the Conference:


The reception will start at 20:00 on 7th September 2015 and will be organized at Riviera Holiday Club.
The reception is included in the fee of all registered participants and accompanying persons.

CONFERENCE DINNER (upon personal payment)

The conference dinner will be held on 8th September 2015 at 20:00 at Chiflika Restaurant.
The price is 50 Euro and includes a 4-course menu, drinks, show programme and music,
transport. Bookings can be made on-line either during initial registration or later using
username and password.

HALF-DAY EXCURSION (upon personal payment)

• Visit of Balchik Palace and Kaliakra Cape 9th September, 14:00–18:00
The Palace is the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria Alexandrina
Victoria de Edinburg (1875–1938). The official name of the palace was the Quiet Nest
Palace. The Palace is a designated archeological and constructional monument of culture and
a monument of gardening and landscape art.
Kaliakra Cape and the architectural reserve on its territory are located 60 km southeast of
Varna. It is an oblong, narrowing rocky peninsula that juts out about 2 km into the sea. The
rich history, the well-preserved landscape, and the beautiful panoramic views make Cape
Kaliakra one of the most attractive tourist spots on the Black Sea Coast.

Note: A minimum number of 10 participants is required to organize the event.

Price per person: 30 Euro

ACCOMPANYING PERSONS’ PROGRAMME (incl. in the acc. persons’ fee)
The following two whole day excursions are included in the spouse’s programme:

Excursion 1 – Second Bulgarian Capital
7 September, 09:00 – 17:00

The points of interest during this excursion are:

• the town of Shumen where the memorial ‘Founders of the Bulgarian country’ is located;
• Veliki Preslav National Historical-Archaeological Reserve – Veliki Preslav was the capital of the First Bulgarian state.It was known as a spiritual and literary centre where the development of the Slavic written language and the Golden Age of Bulgaria during the rule of Tsar Simeon I (who reigned in the period 893 – 927) took place.
• Ovech Fortress is a stone stronghold. The golden years of Ovech were in the period 12th–14th century, when the fortress was a military, religious, economic, and administrative centre of the region.

Excursion 2 – Town of Nessebar
8 September, 09:00 – 17:00

Nessebar is among the oldest towns in Europe and the richest in Bulgaria for its architectural medieval monuments. Situated on a small Black Sea peninsula the town is the successor of the ancient Thracian settlement of Messambrija, founded in the 2nd millennium BC. In 1983 it was listed in the UNESCO list of the world cultural heritage. Today it is an exclusively attractive resort town.


• Varna City Tour 6th September, 16:00–19:00
A guided walk through the city is the best way to get acquainted with its centuries-long history (first settlement discovered on its territory dates back to 6th millennium BC). The tour includes visits of its most remarkable sites.
Note: A minimum number of 10 participants is required to organize the event.

Price per person: 25 EUR

• Evening Tour to Aladja Monastery 9th September, 20:00–21:30
This is an evening tour starting with sightseeing of Aladja monastery – one of the many medieval rock monasteries found in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. It was inhabited by hermits in the 13th–14thc. It is situated in beautiful woodland about 17 kilometers from Varna and has monk`s cells and magnificent wall paintings. The monastery rooms were cut out on two levels in the almost 40-meter high limestone rock.
The sightseeing is followed by unique show, performing through lighting effects, music and film impressions the history of the monastery and the Varna region from ancient times.
Note: A minimum number of 10 participants is required to organize the event.

Price per person: 25 EUR