Selection of the presentations will be based on two-page abstracts. New methods, processes and applications will be encouraged. Contributions should comply with the scope of the conference. Submissions should be made online using the registration form available on conference website. The reviewing process will be carried out online. After evaluation, the programme will be made available on the website. Electronic copies of the contributions will be disseminated at the conference site. By request of the authors, selected full-text papers of conference contributions will be published in a special issue of the journal Bulgarian Chemical Communications

Instructions for preparation of abstracts:

Two-page abstracts of A4 format with single spacing will be accepted. Contributors should use a Times
New Roman font and margins of 2.5 cm from left, right, and bottom and 4 cm from top. Title should be
a 14-pt bold font. Author(s) names should be typed by a 12-pt regular font. The name of the presenting
author should be marked by asterisk (*). Affiliation(s) should be 10 pt italics. One empty line (14 pt)
should be left after title, one line (12 pt) after author(s) names, and one line (10 pt) after affiliation(s). A fax number and an e-mail address of presenting author should be added on a separate line (10 pt, italic). Authors should also use a 12-pt regular font for body text. Tables, figures, and references may be used for the manuscripts. For this purpose, a 10-pt regular font should be used. Files should be saved as docx or doc format.